Beyond electrons: solar as a digital service for your customers

We believe electricity retailers can play a key role in shaping the experience a customer has on the journey to solar.

That’s why we partner with them. The UPowr platform provides electricity retailers with the channel to help customers transition to a clean energy future, helping create a simple way to get solar.

Data-driven forecasts 

UPowr forecasts on solar generation and savings are developed using real energy data - this makes them the most accurate forecast a customer can get pre-install.

They combine system capacity with an understanding of what a typical weather year would look like - while also taking into consideration the feed-in-tariff offered.

Good experiences = happier customers

We focus a lot on designing a beautiful experience for customers - because ultimately, experience shapes our expectations, perceptions and whether or not we actually want to engage with something.

Solar is a big deal for customers, so the experience should be simple, easy to engage with and empowering. It should also be digital, because, well - these days - what isn’t?

Provide the service at scale

Retail businesses aren’t small - we know that. While it can be ‘easy’ to create good experiences for a handful of customers, we’ve ensured that you can take the UPowr offering and apply it at scale.

Whether it’s 1, 100 or 1 million customers, our technology gives us the ability to generate quotes and take them on the install journey easily and consistently.

How can UPowr help shape your solar offering?