Sophisticated tech to deliver the solar revolution.

We’ve built technology to create a new solar experience - at scale. It’s also leading the way in residential solar design and savings forecasts.

The UPowr vision is grounded in the belief that to create a better experience for customers, we need to create better outcomes for everyone involved in the solar ecosystem.

To do this, we’ve built a platform to connect, simplify and scale the different requirements of each participant. For the customer, the platform facilitates the digital journey to getting solar. For an installer in our network, it acts as a portal to connect jobs, field services and certifications in order to simplify their processes while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

Our digital quotes

Beneath the platform, our team has built powerful algorithms to generate solar quotes for each customer.

The quote presents a thorough solar system design on each customer’s roof, using 3d modelling to consider orientation, tilt and shading. It also includes a generation forecast and savings estimate, developed through an understanding of the customers real energy use.

This information is then presented on the customer platform, where they can access resources to assist their journey, request installation and opt-in or out of government rebate programs.

Quote Icons (1).png

Automated workflows for scale

Once the order has been placed, our automated workflows begin coordinating the entire installation process - connecting jobs to installers, organising grid connect, ordering materials from manufacturers and ensuring all inspections and certifications are set up and ready to go.

We use the platform to do pre-install checks to reduce on-site variations and keep customers updated with automated communication throughout each stage of the journey.

Once the install is complete, our tech helps to monitor performance and provide ongoing support.