The space to focus more on great installs, and less on the next lead.

That’s what the UPowr platform is giving to solar installers around the country.

Let’s face it - without solar installers, we wouldn’t be in a solar revolution. But the current status quo requires a lot from the businesses in a way that’s not so sustainable. 

We’ve set out to provide a different way for installers to do what they do well.

The UPowr model brings high quality, peer-reviewed, CEC accredited installers together in a network to deliver customer installations.

This means the business can focus on delivering great installations, championing a new customer experience, training and developing staff and ensuring that they’re complying with industry requirements.

By stripping out the need to focus on sales and marketing (we’re a digital company - no calls) and giving the network access to UPowr’s installer platform, all of the groundwork is done.

What’s left? A perfectly organised installation day - ready to go.

If you’re an installer looking for a new way to do things - shoot us an email, we’d love to chat!