We’re creating a new solar experience.

We’re UPowr - a tech startup working to make the process of getting solar better for customers, installers and retailers.

We provide the design and installation of solar to residential customers through a digital platform.

To do this, we build strategic partnerships to bring together key parts of the solar solution. This means access to high-quality hardware, installation best practices, greater insights into energy use and advanced tech that produces industry-leading designs.

Our tech then allows us to combine everything in a digital quote for a customer to access the UPowr platform. We then take them on a completely digital journey to installation and provide ongoing support on their solar system.


Why now?

Residential solar and batteries have significant potential to accelerate our transition to a clean energy future, while also fundamentally changing the way people engage with energy. Because of this - we see the journey to solar as a key experience in shaping how this change takes place.

We set out to create a solar experience that creates better outcomes for everyone involved - because let’s face it, if we all thrive - so can the outcome.


Our journey so far

  • The vision was formed on a plane somewhere across the Tasman Sea

  • Established in 2018

  • Infrastructure build begins in late 2018

  • Seed funding round opens

  • Platform build begins in early 2019

  • Customer experience created

  • First pilot signed in May 2019